Frequently Asked Questions

No. We provide a "fixed wireless" system which means that we will install all equipment needed to connect you to our transmitters.
'Line Of Sight' is a term used in fixed wireless systems, it simply means that there must be a direct, unobstructed view from our transmitter to your premises. Any obstruction, even trees/bushes will affect the signal and we will be unable to make a connection. Our engineers are happy to call and perform a free signal test.
No, our packages are completely unlimited. Please note that all packages are subject to a fair usage policy which you can find at the bottom of this page.
We have no minimum contract term, We believe that happy customers will stay with us and if you widh to cancel your subscription at any time you are free to do so. We just need 30 days notice so we can close your account and arrange for collection of our equipment.
We accept standing order, bank transfer, cheque and credit card payments.
The installation fee covers the labour required to install our system. Non-standard installations may incur an extra charge. A non-standard installation is one which requires any extra equipment or excessively long cable runs.
The engineer will install a CPE (outdoor wireless receiver) on the outside of your premises. Then a cable will be brought into the building (usually through a 10mm hole in the wall) and this will be connected to a power source and a wireless router. Once this is done and the connection has been tested the engineer will ask you to fill out our signup form.
You can download a new copy here, but please ring us to confirm your account number and payment details before filling it out.
Depending on which model router you have the password may be printed on a sticker underneath it. If this doesnt work or you don't know where to find it then give us a call and we can help.
Yes, our engineer will need your consent to drill the holes required to mount our equipment and we will need you to sign our forms.
Our engineers will take care of most of the work, we will just need 2 power sockets available in the room where the broadband is to be installed. We also need someone who is authorized to sign our forms and provide bank/payment details
We cover a wide area of the South East, click here to check if your eircode is covered.
We will talk to you about the best place to install our CPE (outdoor wireless receiver) and find a place that is suitable for us and you. Usually this is near the top of an external wall which faces our transmitter. If the wall doesn't have sufficent line of sight then we may install on the chimney. Our engineer will pick a suitable place inside your building for the indoor equipment. Every house is different but in most cases this is the living room near your TV.